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Oblivion starring Tom Cruise hit theaters this weekend, and Infinispace braved the cinema to check it out.
In 2005 Joseph Kosinski began writing a creator-owned graphic novel entitled Oblivion.  Eight years later we get to see his speculative vision on the big screen.   Kosinski ha…

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3 comments on “Review: Oblivion Starring Tom Cruise @

  1. I actually thought the rough nature of the storyline was okay, visual elements were good, story resolution and the cloning background were a couple deus ex machina’s that weren’t really good. Good start off point but I wanted a better resolution. Maybe I want to much out of Hollywood.


  2. I’ve owned Oblivion starring Tom Cruise for over six months now, I thought this movie was in theaters in spring of like 2013 or something. Either way, the second best movie Tom Cruise has played in right behind Minority Report. The music was a perfect match for the setting.


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